DeepAgent is a cloud-based platform that aggregate, stores and educate call Reps from various industries.

The platform is used by VP sales and line managers to coach their Reps and get insight into their performances.   

Media files that contain interaction between Reps and clients such as phone and video calls are transcribed and segmented by speakers. Rep managers are able to drill down into the call and have various tools to coach them. 


The platform has the option to integrate into different VOIP and video providers and upload media files automatically or manually by a remote Rep. 

Integrating Zoom to your DeepAgent account


Calls made on Zoom platform can be uploaded and transcribe automatically to the system. Users can review, comment and use these calls for future reference.


To connect Zoom to your account follow these steps: 


1. Verify that:

- You have access to DeepAgent admin-level credentials.

- Zoom cloud recording calls option is enabled     

2. Go to the following link: https://deepagent.conmagi.com/org/conmagi/settings 

Enter your email and password data and press LOGIN, if you do not have a password contact us at info@conmagi.com to get one  

3. As an admin of your organization you are able to link the system to Zoom. To do
so, click on the “LINK” sign and logon into your Zoom account

4. The zoom login window is then be promoted​. Enter your Zoom account log in
data and click on the “Sign In” button

(Note that if you are already connected to Zoom this window may not appear)

5. ​ After the Zoom login process, verify that the connection status is now in “✓Connected” status

Your Zoom account is now connected to DeepAgent system.


Continue to the next steps to list Zoom users into the DeepAgent system (required)  


Listing a Zoom user to DeepAgent system

To identify Zoom users' recorded files in the system, Zoom users shall be listed.

To list a Zoom user, go to the DeepAgent upper right corner and
  1. Click on your user name initials
  2. Select Organization setting

Org setting list user.png

3. click the “ADD USER” button

Org setting list user1.png

4. Insert new user/Rep. data. Note that in order for DeepAgent system to retrieve recorded Zoom data files, the same Zoom user email address shall be in use. Email address is inserted into the “Ext” field data below (Same email address may be used).    

User name / Title data

user email address

Email for call files
identification in zoom 

User password 

Rep. role

Press "SAVE" when you are done

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each additional user 

A Quick Start Guide


During Zoom session

1. Allow calls to upload automatically from Zoom cloud to DeepAgent platform by enabling the “Record to the Cloud” option at the Zoom call management panel.    

zoom enable1.png

At the end of a Zoom session

1. Following the Zoom session, your Zoom audio file is shared with DeepAgent system. 
(File is uploaded time is up to 30 min)  

Zoom's user call is uploaded to the system

2. Open Zoom session for review by clicking on the call line:  

*Note: Each speaker is represented by a different speaker ( S1,S2,S3 - maximum 3 )

Assigning manager or VP for a call review

VP or managers can assign each other or someone else in their organization to review a call  

1. To assign others for review, go to the call transcription screen.

2. Click the          "Assigned Reviewers" and select the name of the reviewer from the drop-down menu.  

3. Add a note so the reviewer understand your request and press the "SEND" button  



*Note: More than one manager can be assigned to review a call. Each assignee will receive an email containing your note and a link to the call 

Reviewing & Commenting on calls

1. Call can be review by scrolling down its transcript or by playing it

2. Comment on a call by right-clicking on on of the transcript bubble, then select      "+ Comment" option  


‏‏Zoom commenting.JPG

*Note: 1. Only VP or Manager can comment on call's transcript

            2. When a comment is saved, the user who has uploaded the call is alerted
                by an email with the content of the comment and associated link     


3. Fill in the comment in the upper field 

4. Optionally add a topic by typing it in and clicking enter. You may choose from existing topics as well. 

5. Annotate the comment by a positive or negative sign by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. 

6. Click the “CREATE” button to add the comment.​​​

7. Please note that the comment is sent via email to the Rep who is call is being reviewed  

Reps can respond back to your comment by typing their reply into the appropriate field then click the “REPLY” button.  

Creating a lesson 

DeepAgent allows managers & VP’s to build a playlist of calls annotating their insights along with it.

The playlist can later be reviewed during team debriefing sessions or when a new sales/service Rep is recruited.

The playlist is built from calls shared by Rep and can be reviewed by all users under the same organization.  


‏‏Zoom commenting.JPG

1. Create a lesson from a call by right-clicking on a transcript bubble, then select         the "Add Lesson" option  


*Note: Only VP or Manager can create a lesson


2. Fill the lesson title 

3. Select the lesson category or optionally write a new one4. Press "SAVE" 

4. Fill the narration text to explan your insight on the call.   

5. Press "CREATE" to save the call to playlist (Acadamy) 

acadamy call.JPG

Filtering calls 

Calls can be filtered by diffrent attributes, more than one attributes can be selected at the same time



1. Can’t see my latest Zoom call in calls files list


  • Possible solutions:

    • Please allow up to 30 min of processing time for a call to appear in the system call list and 15 min more for its transcription

    • Refresh web browser screen 

    • In DeepAgent “Organization setting” verify that Zoom application link status is “✓ Connected”  

    • Verify with system admin that your email address is inserted to the “Ext”(antion) field under your user setup screen   

    • Note that as a backup option you may manually upload calls files to DeepAgent system   ​​

2. Trouble logging in to my DeepAgent account

  • Verify you have entered the right email and password 

  • Click on "Forgot Password" to get a reset link to your inbox

  • Contact us at info@conmagi.com if issue is not resolved

3. I’m unable to manually upload Zoom calls


  • Verify that your file format is supported (FLAC, MP3, M4a, Ogg, WebM, AMR, or WAV) ​​

Uninstall Guide


To uninstalling DeepAgent Add-on:

1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom app marketplace

2. Click Manage>Install Apps or search for the DeepAgent app.

3. Click the DeepAgent app.

4. Click Uninstall.    


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