Sell More Insurance 

Retain More Clients

It's within your reach. Get it.

Coaching is a time tested common practice at insurance agencies for a reason - it works! But ... you need to put in the time and effort. 

Focus on your book and operations and let our disruptive AI coach give you the power of having the best coaches with your producers, account executives, and CSRs at every call.

Personalized Coaching

Our AI coach gives positive feedback and constructive criticism with examples automatically.

Automatic call rating based on your custom metrics.

Overview of agent's strengths and weaknesses across all calls.

Call Transcripts

See every call as a "text message" conversation.

Easily map specific coaching opportunities.

Listen to snippets instead of the whole call. 

Progress Tracker

Coaching only works when there's accountability.

See how your agents are progressing.

Compare your agents' performance at every part of the process.

Visual Time Line

See who spoke when.

See the topics that were talked about.

Fast forward to the relevant parts of the call.

Automatic Insights

See what is helping you close deals and renew existing accounts.

Validate and optimize your process.

Have concrete proof to motivate your team.

Works With Nearly All VOIP Providers

Integration is simple and fast. We connect to your VOIP provider directly so that all of your relevant calls are quickly available in the system.

We integrate with most brand name providers including 8x8, RingCentral, Convoso, and many more.