AI-Enhanced Insurance Agents

Sell more policies
Retain more clients

We tackle some of the biggest challenges at agencies. We want to make it easy for you to grow. We help you get the most out of every conversation whether it's training new recruits, pushing your existing staff to their peak, or going above and beyond your client's expectations. 

Reaching Your Goals

Getting to 10 is the goal - no matter how you get there.


But 0 to 10 is magic. Only 1 in 20 producers know this naturally.


0 to 1, 1 to 3, 3 to 7, and 7 to 10 - is looking at the funnel.


The problem is your visibility - Why aren't they making the jump from lots of appointments to sales? Why are they not "great closers"? Why are your 10's not 20's?


The trick is to keep moving the goal post up the funnel for each individual based on their capabilities - and then optimizing the whole funnel once they have great sales. You can always do better.

Fixing the Leak

Insurance is a zero-sum game - You win by transferring clients from other agencies to you. 

Other agencies are out there luring your clients.

Most CSRs and account executives don't put up a fight. They just send cancellation forms on request.

If you ask nicely they might pay attention to this for a couple of weeks.


You need to track anything you want to improve in the long term.

Works With Nearly All VOIP Providers

Integration is simple and fast. We connect to your VOIP provider directly so that all of your relevant calls are quickly available in the system.

We integrate with most brand name providers including 8x8, RingCentral, Convoso, and many more.

30 Minutes Full Integration

All we need is a list of your agent's emails and phone numbers, and an easy to get ID from your VoIP provider.

From there the system actively reaches out to your agents with pinpointed tips and motivational content. No employee training needed.

We know you already have a few platforms in place. Our system easily fits in without hogging your computers.