Taking the Human Error Out of Insurance Applications

Fast, Detailed and Accurate Call Review 

Our stack of AI alongside our unique UX is specially fitted to insurance calls giving QACs the details they care about on a silver platter. By visually presenting the call’s sections and important subsections the review process is sped up 10x.

At ConMagi we help insurance agencies avoid million-dollar losses by alerting of compliance issues in calls. We help you close the loop before the risk materializes. 

Every call between insurance agencies and their customers is a potential minefield of losses due to human error in compliance. Every time a representative, agent, claims officer, or adjuster forgets some part of a script or inaccurately enters or omits information into the CRM tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are at risk. The most effective and efficient solution is a pinpointed review of all calls.

Scripts, statements, and applications change regularly. Easily pass those changes on to the reviewers through a streamlined process with our platform. Keep up with compliance rules and regulations. 


The Team

Our team is built of savvy machine learning, deployment, and management professionals. We provide state of the art speech recognition algorithms alongside effective UX to significantly improve conversational overview, insight generation, and compliance validation. 


Dan Erez

Co-founder & CTO


Rubi Avizemer

Co-founder & CEO


Aviel Niego

Co-founder & VP-R&D