Elegant Solution for PCI Compliancy

Mandatory Call Recording 

Creates a Real Threat

Last Call Centers Researches Point Out Some Alarming Results

  • In 2018 alone 448 Million records were stolen in 1200 breaches

  • Insurance costs for Call Centers are increasing by 248%

  • There are 90 fraud attempts a minute throughout telephony channels

  • Credit Card companies are imposing a minimum of $5-$8 fine for each stolen Credit Card record

Deep Learning 



Clean Credit Card Info from All Your Recording

  • On-premise or Cloud installation

  • The algorithm goes over all your audio recordings and removes only credit card information

  • No further action is required from the service representative

  • No installation is required at representative stations

  • The recordings become fully PCI compliant  

  • Processes upwards of 500 hours of recordings per day per instance (GPU process 5000 H)


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