Lead Your Agents From Home

Keep your agency running smoothly

Your staff is working from home. 

At first, it was great. 

Then work from home fatigue kicked in.

We help you quickly review your agents' calls to keep them alert, productive, and effective which means you can come out of COVID stronger

Pros Listen to Calls

Your team's calls are the heart of your business

Becoming and staying great takes relentless self-assessment. 

When was the last time you had time to listen to calls?

With our tools, 1 hour per week yields meaningful results.  

Works With Nearly All VOIP Providers

Integration is simple and fast. We connect to your VOIP provider directly so that all of your relevant calls are quickly available in the system.

We integrate with most brand name providers including 8x8, RingCentral, Convoso, and many more.

30 Minutes Full Integration

No need for tech know-how.

All we need is a list of your agent's emails and phone numbers, and an easy to get ID from your VoIP provider.

We know you already have a few platforms in place. Our system easily fits in without hogging your computers.

ConMagi Ltd.

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